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About Us
Sunlog Logistic
Our company, Sunlog Taşımacılık Uluslararası Nakliyat, Lojistik Hizmetleri ve Ticaret Limited was founded in 2013 to give a dynamic and qualified service with our working experience in the logistics sector and with our strong background.

In this journey of quality which we take on, in compliance with the solutions and added values we create for our business partners by protecting their values with our customer-oriented approach, difference and success of our company continues to spread rapidly and increase its current reputation.
  • Mission

    To become a model which adds added value to World and its Principles with their transparent, quick and reliable approach which brings solutions to business partners in logistics.
  • Vision

    To become a leading, esteemed, dynamic, innovative, customer-oriented brand which creates a difference with quality services in logistics.
Our Values
Sun Logistics, together with all of our employees, puts emphasis on continous development and innovation. It focuses on satisfying our customers by providing services in universal quality and standards. For this purpose;
To be equitable, honest and to respect beliefs and differences,
• To be humble, tolerant, and helpful,
• To act flexible, quick and situational by considering priorities,
• Not to be afraid of making mistakes, to learn from mistakes and, no to do business without consultation,
• To consider emotions, however to make decisions by making use of scientific methods and objective data,
• To use the technology effectively in order to facilitate the job, make it faster and to do business wiser,
• To consider emotions, however to make decisions by making use of scientific methods and objective data,
• To use the technology effectively in order to facilitate the job, make it faster and to do business wiser,
• To fictionalize, sustain and archive processes and systems in a business model where the work may be maintained without depending on the people, and corporate information is produced and developed, and given to the memory of the institution,
• To be Customer, Employee and Supplier oriented,
• To obey legal and ethical rules
• To separate and assign the work depending on the competent person,
• To aim continious improvement and development by placing targets which are worth achieving and measurable and
• To show maximum effort until the work is accomplished by believing and being determined and without pleading and dreading against difficulties for the determined targets,
• To take positive thinking and good will as basis without any prejudice, and to solve problems together with the officers,
• To use time and possibilities effectively and accurately, and to not waste any,
• To see the working environment not only as a working environment, but as a living space, and to complete the process in peace and joy,
• To respect protection of all living beings in the nature and protection of the environment, to contribute to social responsibility projects,
Our Principles
Our ethical values are above all…
Our essential principle is to definitely stick to our ethical values at the highest level within all of our relationships with investors, employees or business partners.
We only compete with our product and service quality…
We believe that we create the largest added value by providing for our customers with better products and services, and we do not obtain our competitive power from lower prices, but higher service quality.
We do not create clash of interest between our investors…
We always keep the interests of our investors separate from one another and take all necessary precautions with sensitivity to protect them.
We aim to work with the best human resource…
We value employing the best staff and monitoring and improving their performances with the awareness that high service quality within our sector may be achieved with more well-informed and experienced human resources.
In this context;
Transparency, Honesty, Reputation, Harmony, Reliability, Confidentiality, Friendship, Performance, Human Rights, Compliance with Laws, Quality and Development, Added-value and Environment are the principles which we value.
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