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Our Information and Data Security
Sunlog Logistic

All kinds of physical, personal, data and network safety requirements are provided with our world class powerful infrastructure.

Our policies and practises regarding to the safety matter are checked and updated depending on the changing conditions.

In the scope of data security and management;

CONFIDENTIALITY: : Data is only accesible by the authorized people,
INTEGRITY: Protection of data from unauthorized modifications and recognizing when changed,
AVAILABILITY: Usage of data being available whenever needed for the use of authorized people.


In relation with application of this policy, We, management of Sun Logistics adopted the following as principles:

• To obey legal requirements,
• To obey provisions within the contracts executed with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers)
• To sustain essential and supportive business activities with minimum interruption,
• To provide integrated logistics solutions in a reliable and continous manner,
• To minimize all kinds of revenue or opportunity losses arising from security incidents,
• To protect our reliability and protection.

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