Air and Sea Transportation
Sunlog Logistic

Shipping by Sea

Sunlog Logistics provides container transportation and forwarding services from Turkey to all ports across the world and from all ports across the world to ports of Turkey. FCL/LCL Container Transportation

Importation and Exportation Console Service
Port to Port Delivery
Door to Door Delivery
Intermodal Transportation
Cross Loadings
Project Transportation
Customs Clearance, Storing, Insurance and Internal Transportation Services

Airway Transportation

Although airway transportation is an expensive transportation, it has sustained its place by receiving the support from the customers due to being quick and reliable for urgent deliveries and there are not any quicker delivery types. Our company aimed to provide a quality service to you, our valuable customers, by making solution partnerships with various airway transportation companies around the World as well. Our company provides airway cargo transportation services to all points of main countries in AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, MIDDLE-EAST, FAR EAST and SOUTH AFRICA by offering International Import and Export and door-to-door delivery services all around the world.
We make deliveries to the furthest region of the world within 3 working days at the latest. We are in service for you, our valuable customers, to offer the most reliable, the quickest and the most economical way for your airway cargo shipments to every city of the world.
Door to Airport – Delivery from the warehouse of the consignor to any airport in the world
Door to Door – Delivery of goods from the warehouse of the consignor to the warehouse of the consignee
Airport to Airport – Delivery of goods from Airport to Airport
Airport to Door – Delivery of goods from airport to Consignee at any point around the world
Airway transportation for heavy and out of standard cargo Airway transportation for cargo
Airway transportation which requires special transportation conditions
Transit and Multi-Modal Transportation (Combined Transportations)
Cargo monitoring and informing during transportation
Optimization for transportation planning and payment conditions
International Transit and Transfer Shipments
Custom Shipment Conditions for regular customers
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